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Every night throughout the world hundreds of people dream about this face

Real Face Dream About this Face (Drawing) Real Face
Kalki Kannan Ayya Dream About this Face (Drawing) Kalki Kannan Ayya

Who am i ,-me a soul in all creatures of the world.' I'  The basic root ofall mother nature..it means i am seeing me everywhere in the creation of the mother nature..here we are calling the mother as "AATHI SAKTHI" and ME as soul

Millions of people are searching for a divine face in theire dream.I am that face living in all soul .. for detailes visit the web site"www.thisman.org"

Blessed people of mother "aathi sakthi" are going to unite to form a " WORLD OF GOD".In his kingdom there will be a leader appointed by god.The world will be formed by " LOVE, PEACE,and JUSTICE..You are all going to become a member and a part of the WORLD OF GOD

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